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Complete order of MaryJanice Davidson books in Publication Order and Chronological Order.

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Undead and Unworthy: A Queen Betsy Novel: MaryJanice. Undead and Unworthy: A Queen Betsy Novel [MaryJanice Davidson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Since tying the knot with Sinclair, like hasn?t.

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5 Re: Undead and Unworthy A Queen Betsy Novel Undead and Uneasy: A Queen Betsy Novel. Undead and Uneasy: A Queen Betsy Novel (9780515145045): MaryJanice Davidson: Books

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Undead (series) - Wikipedia Undead and Unwed is the first adventure of Elizabeth Anne 'Betsy' Taylor in the Undead series after her transformation into a vampire. The book was released on March.

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